Who Are We?

We at TravelBelle.com are world travelers who know what it's like to have difficulty finding a good site with good information.  After scouring the internet for hours and hours, trying to find a quality tour for an affordable price and reasonable airline tickets, we decided to start TravelBelle.com.  

Whether it's a quick trip in the States/Canada or a lengthy vacation elsewhere around the world (Asia, Europe, Africa, etc.), it is our hope that the information on TravelBelle.com will help you in your quest for a great vacation at a great price.


Travel Bargains, Hotel Deals, Cheap Airline Tickets...

Are there things in travel that are too good to be true?   Can there really be a travel bargain that is really worth it?  The answer is... YES!  But, you have to be careful and do a lot of research.

The most important part of getting a good deal is being flexible with your itinerary.   A lot of hotels, have last minute deals or weekend specials for people who are able to leave on a whim. Hilton, Marriott, and even Holiday Inn are some that come to mind.  They would rather sell the space at a discount than have it empty!  

Even airlines are good at giving last minute discounts, provided there is not a special even taking place at your desired destination.   This discount is not limited to Delta, Southwest and other domestic airlines, but includes international ones like KoreanAir, SingaporeAir and many others.

Just recently, we used the services of an internet travel company - one we'd never heard of before looking into a detailed trip to SE Asia.  After much research on the company, we booked an international travel itinerary with them and were very pleased.  We saved a lot of money, and didn't have the hassle of organizing an extensive trip.  

So, although you need to be cautious in dealing with internet companies, if you're prudent  you can find great deals!



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